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Thawte SSL 123


Thawte SSL123 is a perfect certificate if you need quick and strong encryption to protect connections to your web server. You will get issued SSL within ten minutes as it requires domain validation via email only. Thawte certificates come with 256-bit encryption with no risk from phishing or fraud. Use SSL123 to protect small and medium websites or other online applications and servers.
Every SSL includes a trusted site seal logo, domain authentication, free reissues, 30-day money back guarantee for any reason and $500k warranty. It is possible to reissue or modify and manage SSL via Karizanta management system OR Thawte End-user portal.

Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard


Thawte SSL123 Wildcard is a brand new product from Thawte released early 2016 and operated by DigiCert CA. It is their first Domain validation SSL certificate with complete Wildcard support and SHA-256 hash algorithm. It comes with unlimited reissues and dynamic Site Seal logo.
SSL protects principal/primary domain name with unlimited sub-domains. Starting at 2015 Thawte SSL certs has unlimited server licensing, so you can install it to as many servers/IP's you want without any additional fee. We do offer 30-day money back guarantee as well as $500k warranty to all Thawte SSL123 products

Thawte Web Server SSL


Thawte Web Server SSL certificate destroys worries and troubles, as you will sleep quietly with no worries about any data exchanged online via a web server as its always well-protected and secure. Web server certificate will confirm unique identity to business partners, employees or any other end-customers. Sensitive data will be protected with 256-bit encryption strength during transmitted via web applications, mail servers or Intranets.
Thawte will ask your company to pass organization validation with callback process. That means that you may be requested to send the business license to certification center. It should not take more than two-three working days to get SSL issued, however, in some cases it may take up to a week. Karizanta offers 30 days money back guarantee for any reason, and most others give just 15 days.

Thawte Web Server EV


Thawte is known as one the oldest and trusted SSL Certificate Authorities in the World, and that is why there should be no doubts to order their EV SSL certificate. Most government entities, corporations, and large enterprises secure by Thawte EV SSL for more than 20 years. EV SSL cert comes with 256-bit encryption with SHA256 Hash algorithm. Since 2018 all Thawte certificates issued by DigiCert CA.
More and more people are worried about online privacy, especially, when its business privacy, so it's important to secure and protect all personal data transmitted over the Internet. Thawte EV SSL works great within both standard personal computers and modern mobile devices.

Thawte SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard


Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate